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Quality Tyre fitting and replacement in Throckley

When it comes to getting new tyres, RK Autocare is fully equipped to provide and fit quality tyres that suit your vehicle down to a tee! When you are getting new tyres for your vehicle, it’s important that you get a quality service that doesn’t just remove and put on a new tyre, but fits them specifically to your car, is affordable and aligns your wheels for a better drive. At RK Autocare, we do just that and offer a wide range of tyres to suit your vehicle and fit within your budget.

Wide range of repairs to suit your car

Tyres can be expensive, especially if you’re getting all four replaced at the same time. That’s why when you choose RK Autocare, we make sure you get a premium service for your tyres at affordable prices. We can choose from a wide range of tyres at premium, mid-range or budget level to suit your car. Whilst we always recommend getting a quality tyre that lasts longer, we offer you options so you can find a solution to suit your situation. We have a wide range of well-known brands of great quality to keep your tyres lasting longer and keeping you safe on the roads.

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Safety and grip

It’s really important to keep your tyres in good nick, as it can really impact your safety. We ensure that our tyres are all tested for the best safety levels, grip and endurance on the roads. We also offer seasonal tyres that suit you, whether you need winter tyres to last through the cold and wet weather or drive long distances in the summer, we can help get the right tyres for you.

Tyre pressure

It’s really important to check your tyre pressure regularly so that your car doesn’t put extra strain on your tyres and wear them down quicker. We can advise the best tyre pressure for your tyres to keep them working efficiently. If you aren’t clued up in how to check your pressure, we can show you or do it for you so you know how to look after your tyres in the future. Making sure your tyre pressure is correct can help you save money on new tyres when your current ones could have lasted longer. So if you need advice on your tyres, please just let us know.

Book tyre repairs and fitting online

If you need to book your car in for new tyres or would like them checked, just get in touch. You can book online for free, contact us or pop in our garage and explain any problems that you might be having. We’ll find the perfect solution for your car and be honest and upfront about prices. It’s rare that we can repair punctures, but if it fits within the guidelines as recommended, then we’ll do our best to get you back on the roads. Normally, with tyres, there’s not much else to do other than replace them, but wheel alignment can be checked to ensure that there’s nothing else going on that can affect them. Book online, contact us or pop by RK Autocare, and we’ll take great care of your car and its tyres.

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