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Your cambelt is a vital component of your car’s engine system. It’s a rubber belt that controls the timing of the valves in your engine. It does this by ensuring that the crankshaft and camshaft rotate in synchronisation for perfect engine performance. Therefore, getting your cambelt checked regularly can really help keep your car running efficiently and keep repair costs down.

At RK Autocare, we provide cambelt replacement for any make and model of vehicle. Unfortunately, like most other components in your car, your cambelt will need to be changed at some point. Therefore, it’s best to get this checked during your regular service and keep updated with your service history. Often repairs can go unknown until signs start to appear, so it’s always best to keep on top of your service to keep your costs down and avoid repairs.

How do I tell if my cambelt needs replacing?

A cambelt can sometimes indicate when it needs to be replaced before it can get to the serious damage level. Although your cambelt can always be checked during a service, your car will indicate when your cambelt might need replacing. There are certain signs to look for so you know when to replace the belt.

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Loud noises from your engine bay

When your cambelt or timing belt is suffering from wear and tear it can produce a loud noise when your engine starts. This can include hissing, squealing, grinding or a rumbling sound. If your belt hasn’t been fitted properly, this can often cause a squealing sound but can also mean that it’s worn too much and needs replacing. Signs of noises coming from the belt can simply mean the tension needs to be adjusted if the belt is relatively new, but it’s always best to get this checked out at a garage in case it’s a sign there’s something wrong.

Checking the look of the cambelt

If your cambelt needs replacing, the best way to tell is to take a look at it. If it looks glazed, glossy or wearing thin then it means the rubber is wearing down. More obvious signs such as cracking or fraying on the belt can be an indicated that you need your cambelt changing immediately. Driving with a damaged cambelt can be dangerous for your engine, so always check with a professional before getting in your car and driving if you know your belt is seriously damaged.

A broken cambelt

If your cambelt brakes before you get to a garage, it can cause serious damage to the engine. This can cost a lot to get replaced and can also damage other parts of your vehicle where the belt has broken. For prevention of such instances and to ensure your belt gets replaced before this happens, it’s best to carry out regular maintenance on your vehicle. At RK Autocare, we can check for you when you need to have your cambelt replaced. We do this by looking at your car’s service history and recommended manufacturer replacement intervals. We’ll ensure your car is looked after and you stay safe on the roads.

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